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The attorneys at Goldberg, Racila, D'Alessandro & Noone, LLC, provide their clients almost 80 years of experience as they continue to set a standard of excellence in their pursuit of justice on behalf of all those whom they represent.

Legal News You Should Know:

08/22/14 - First I Laughed… Then I Got Mad

Some TV Lawyers Aren’t Even Lawyers at All I was watching television the other night, and as happens quite often, a commercial for a lawyer referral service came on. This particular ad was for an outfit called “1-800-ASK-GARY”, and they are on so often, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen them too. This particular spot, though, ...Continue Reading

08/21/14 - I Took a Video of Some Cops – Why Am I in Trouble?

Cameras, Cops and You There has been a lot in the news media lately about the legalities and ramifications of videotaping police activity, under a lot of different scenarios, from the outrageous racial troubles in Ferguson, MO, to the case of a California cop who allegedly pummeled the tar out of an unarmed black woman. ...Continue Reading