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The attorneys at Goldberg, Racila, D'Alessandro & Noone, LLC, provide their clients almost 80 years of experience as they continue to set a standard of excellence in their pursuit of justice on behalf of all those whom they represent.

Legal News You Should Know:

04/03/14 - Senseless Sentence: 60 Years in Prison for a Non-Violent Drug Offense is Too Long

We have laws in this country to help us maintain order, and to punish those who break them. And while there are strict guidelines for how a judge arrives at a specific length of time a convicted criminal offender should spend incarcerated as part of their punishment, there needs to be some amount of reasonable ...Continue Reading

03/24/14 - Lee County among Most Deadly for Cyclists, Pedestrians…

The Florida Department of Transportation has announced that Lee County ranks among the top ten counties in Florida when it comes to bicycle and pedestrian deaths. That bad news is part of why local law enforcement officials, county and state government officials and area traffic safety experts are sharing information in their efforts to make ...Continue Reading