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TikTok Class Action Lawsuit - Are You Eligible for Compensation?

Posted by Goldberg Noone Abraham | Nov 16, 2021 | 0 Comments

If you or your minor children have used the TikTok or apps prior to September 30th, you may be entitled to compensation from a class-action lawsuit.

According to court documents, a federal court in Illinois has granted preliminary approval to a $92 million settlement in the TikTok, Inc., Consumer Privacy Litigation, which is a lawsuit alleging the company “violated federal and state law by collecting and using” personal data through it's TikTok and apps. The lawsuit alleges that TikTok violated the Illinois biometric privacy law, which prevents companies from harvesting consumer data without consent, including via facial and fingerprint scanning. Illinois is currently the only state with a law that allows people to seek monetary damages for such unauthorized data collection.

To be eligible for compensation in this matter, you must have been using the app since at least September 30th and need to submit a claim form (link below) by March 1st, 2022. Parents may submit this form for minors. Those living in Illinois who have used the TikTok app to create videos may be entitled to six times the payment, court documents show. If you would like to submit a claim, please follow this link:

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