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The “3D’s” of Car Accident Insurance Claims

Posted by Scot D. Goldberg | Jul 11, 2013 | 0 Comments

Profits Over Payouts and Fighting with Your Insurance Company

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Insurance companies can make you want to scream!

One of the least appealing things on your to-do list is dealing with your car insurance company. You get that dreaded, anxious feeling when you know you have to try to make contact with an actual person, much less get an answer to your question.

Now, imagine that process just after you've been involved in an auto accident. Added to the traumatic aftermath of a serious car crash, having to do battle with your insurance company becomes even more unpleasant, and in some cases, downright impossible.

Over the last decade or so, several media news outlets have produced in-depth stories on just how viciously most insurance companies will ensure a profitable bottom line, and do just about anything they can to enlist the “3D” approach to serving their customers – deny, delay and defend their having to pay out on auto accident claims. In 2007, CNN reporter Drew Griffin produced an expose on these huge corporate conglomerates operate, and the information is pretty shocking. (To access the story, click here).

What your insurance company is hoping is that you're just so aggravated by the whole ordeal that you'll accept the first – and almost always incredibly low – financial settlement offer they give you. They have, after all, built their giant corporations by not just collecting your monthly premium payments, but also on paying out as little as possible when it comes to filing an accident claim. Truth is, they want you and your accident paperwork off their desk as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

Its situations just like these that prolong your suffering, long after the actual car crash itself. All you want to do is be fairly compensated for any injuries, pay your medical bills and get on with your life – hopefully with the least amount of physical and financial pain as possible. Many people just throw in the towel, thinking there's no way to go up against a massive, uncaring Goliath like Allstate or State Farm.

Let me up front about this. Most of our clients had no idea they would ever need our help – until a serious accident caused by someone else dramatically changed their lives for the worse. You don't wake up in the morning with the intent of shopping around for a good personal injury lawyer. But, life moves fast, and yes, accidents do happen. It's what you do after an accident that very well may determine how you live the rest of your life.

My partners and I at Goldberg, Racila, D'Alessandro & Noone have made it our mission to help people who may have been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident. Our ability and expertise in going into battle with insurance companies to make certain you receive fair and proper financial compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering and lost wages from being unable to work is the cornerstone of what we do. Each and every day, we work with clients who have decided they will not just disappear with the first low-ball offer from an insurance company. We go up against the largest insurance carriers in the world, fighting with every ounce of knowledge and expertise we have, to help you put your life back together. In a lot of cases, that means the eventuality of preparing for and going to trial, although once your insurance company knows you've hired us, their offers to settle become much more realistic.

All auto insurance companies have a bullpen of lawyers to argue their side of every claim – we think you should have that opportunity, too. And if you think you can't afford a personal injury attorney, you should know that it won't cost you a thing out of your pocket should you retain our firm – our fees come from a contingency basis from any settlement proceeds you may be awarded.

We'd like you to know about some of our past results, and read what just a few of our past clients have to say about trusting our law firm with handling their legal issues. To learn more, please click here.

If you find yourself in a seemingly never-ending war with an insurance company after an accident, come in and let's talk it over. We'll help you determine your best course of action, and stand up for you every step of the way.


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