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Learn About Premises Liability Cases

Personal injury law deals with a host of serious circumstances, not just car or motorcycle accident injuries. At the Goldberg Noone Abraham law firm, we have experienced and skilled attorneys who help victims of a poorly maintained or constructed public property, or those who have been hurt because of inadequate security at a mall, hotel or sports venue.

Goldberg Noone Abraham partner and premises liability attorney Sheba Abraham has a complete and thorough grasp of the laws involved in an injury sustained on public property and points out things are not always as they first appear. “Just because a person has been hurt when they fell in a grocery store doesn't automatically mean they're entitled to money for their injuries,” Abraham says. “There are hundreds of factors that need to be determined, which is what we do as attorneys representing people who've been hurt at a mall, on a school campus or at a hotel or motel.”

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While it's true that the owners and management of a public property have a legal duty to provide a safe environment to those who go there, there are many complexities within Florida law that govern their accountability in the event someone is hurt on their property. If someone trips over a departmental store display, it does not necessarily mean it was the fault of the store management. If there was water on the floor of a grocery chain, liability might depend on how well marked the area was.

“When we represent people hurt in some type of public place, we assemble an aggressive team to uncover the real facts of the case,” Abraham points out. “We watch countless hours of store videos, we interview any eyewitnesses to the event, any involved store or hotel employees, and hire the best expert engineers and design safety professionals to prove our case, and to negotiate for the optimum amount of financial compensation for our clients' injuries”.

Being hurt in a public location can involve any number of scenarios and circumstances. In addition to slip-and-fall claims, premises liability can include negligent security. Night-club parking lots, ATM machines, even parks and sports fields can become dangerous premises. If you are hurt or victimized on one of these premises, part of the fault could lie with the property owner.

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