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Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents

Trucking accidents comprise a very specialized area of motor vehicle accident cases.

This is because large commercial trucks and the businesses that utilize them are subject to many regulations and laws that do not apply to private vehicles. As a result, if a person is injured or killed due to a crash with a commercial vehicle (such as a semi tractor trailer rig), it is very important to hire trucking accident attorneys who are familiar with the requirements which must be met by trucking companies. Crucial evidence can be forever lost if certain steps are not taken to ensure its preservation. Furthermore, there are sources of vital information which a trucking accident attorney who is knowledgeable in this field will be able to obtain. This information might be overlooked by an attorney who is not well versed in the laws which apply to the commercial trucking industry. The attorneys of Goldberg Noone, LLC, have committed to staying abreast of the complex and ever-changing state and federal regulations which apply to commercial vehicles. The Goldberg Firm has successfully represented numerous clients in personal injury and wrongful death cases which were the result of trucking accidents.

Truck and Tractor-Trailer Cases Can Be Very Complex

As you can imagine, almost every aspect of a crash involving a large commercial vehicle – like a dump truck, 18-wheeler or semi tractor-trailer – is vastly different than what happens in a passenger vehicle crash. In the Fort Myers area, so many devastating crashes involving dump trucks and tractor-trailers, and happen along stretches of roads often used by commercial carriers that are transporting materials from other cities in Florida. As an example, State Road 82 in eastern Lee County is notorious for the alarming number of bad crashes that occur there. The road is a narrow, dark and highly traveled connection to the east coast and other inland cities, and the trucks will often travel overnight or in the very early morning hours. When you combine that with morning commuters heading off to work or school, especially before sunrise, it can be a very deadly combination.

The majority of medium and large-sized trucking, logistics and transportation companies have procedures they will enact in the event of a serious crash. As part of their “loss prevention” efforts, they will immediately dispatch a team to a crash scene in order to take photos, measurements, and witness statements, if available, in order to document any evidence. Obviously, they are attempting to limit any liability they may have when it comes to proving fault, and limit the efforts of the injured crash victim to rightfully collect any financial damages as a result of the accident.

The other thing that trucking companies have are lawyers – lots of them. When their attorneys are telling their adjusters to offer you a quick, low-ball offer, you can bet you'll need an experienced trucking accident lawyer in your corner.

The Causes of Truck Accidents

Crashes involving large commercial vehicles happen for a number of reasons, and many people feel our country's government does not do enough to regulate and monitor the safety requirements of truck drivers, and the companies they work for. The trucking industry is a giant cog in the gears that keep America moving, and supplied with goods that affect all of our daily lives. Their lobbyists have been accused of persuading Congress and its transportation regulators to resist passing new, tougher safety standards and rules, and to reduce current trucking firm safety requirements.

In 2015, Congress attempted many efforts to reduce the overall safety improvements demanded by federal regulators. Some of those efforts included:

  • Suspending a rule requiring drivers take a 34-hour break over the course of 2 nights before they begin their next work week
  • Lobbied the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to resist the investment into wireless technology meant to monitor drivers and their vehicles
  • Lobbied to allow truck drivers to be on the job up to 82 hours per week, an increase from the current 70 hours over an 8-day period
  • Reducing the minimum age for drivers of large commercial vehicles allowed to conduct interstate travel to 18 from the current 21 years of age
  • Limit or reduce the restrictions on allowing heavier and larger trucks on the road

Large Trucks: Southwest Florida's Rolling Danger

Anyone who drives here in the Lee County area is all too familiar with the dangers of sharing the road with dump trucks, semi-tractor trailers and other huge commercial vehicles. Whether it's a local death trap like SR 82 in eastern Lee County, or Interstate 75, you often drive in fear for your life when you're surrounded by these massive vehicles.

Truck drivers, and the people they work for, all make money by getting to a certain place by a certain time, delivering their goods and then heading back, (hopefully with a full return load), just to do it all over again. There is no greater commodity in the trucking or logistics business than time – the faster the truck makes it to its destination, the faster they can get back on the road for the next trip, and the more money they make. Not a difficult formula.

In order to make more money, drivers are often encouraged to push themselves in order to make a deadline, and that involves not following the regulated safety requirements of how many hours they are allowed to be behind the wheel. This results in extreme driver fatigue, one of the leading causes of serious truck crashes. A large number of bad truck crashes are rear-enders, where a big truck slams into the rear of a passenger car or another truck on the roadway. This often happens when a driver dozes off at the wheel.

Another primary cause of large truck accidents is distracted driving. Truckers are in constant need of communicating with their employer, and are supposed to keep continual electronic logs of their trips. This can mean they are often paying attention to something other than the road in front of them.

Other causes of truck crashes:

  • Unsecured cargo
  • Aggressive driving
  • Excessive speed
  • Poor or non-existent truck safety maintenance and repair
  • Overloaded cargo

Even though heavy trucks account for approximately 10% of vehicles on America's roads, they are involved in about 1 out of every 8 of total accident fatalities nationwide.

Goldberg Noone, LLC – With You for the Long Haul

When you've been seriously hurt in a crash involving a large commercial truck, or if you've lost a beloved family member in a trucking fatality, our experienced truck accident attorneys are here to help you through every step of the often long, traumatic process of recovery. Not only making sure we do everything in our power to ensure you receive the proper medical care and treatment, but working aggressively to see that you obtain the fair and legal financial compensation you're entitled to under Florida law – that's what we do.

There may be more than one party who is found to be liable for your injuries. Our trucking accident lawyers will battle with the attorneys representing the responsible parties to adequately compensate you for:

  • All of your medical expenses (regardless of what your health insurance will pay)
  • Future medical care, treatments and rehabilitation
  • Physical disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of future wages if you are permanently unable to return to work
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Physical impairment
  • Physical disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium injury endured by your spouse

You can always speak to an attorney at our law firm with experience handling serious truck crashes at absolutely no cost to you. A single phone call to our main office at 239-461-5508 – or filling out the simple form to the right of this page – will get you the help and the answers you need in order to begin to make your life whole again. And you never pay a single penny unless we are successful on your behalf.

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We, at The Goldberg Law Firm, are dedicated to standing up for the rights and protection of victims of negligence and to seeing justice done. We will continue to direct our combined knowledge, determination, and drive to the limits for each and every one of our clients. The results are record-breaking jury verdicts, real relationships with our clients, and legislative breakthroughs.