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Compensation For Serious Herniated Disc Injuries

Only those who have suffered herniated disc injuries can understand just how painful and serious these injuries are. An injury to one or more of the discs in your spine can occur in many ways, like lifting something heavy or even just getting older, but it can also be caused by a sudden, jarring impact, like in a car crash or a fall.

After suffering this type of injury, you need legal help. While you are facing recovery, we want you to rest easy and let us focus on your legal case. With nearly 20 years of experience handling all types of personal injury claims in Lee County, the attorneys of Goldberg Noone Abraham, can help you get the compensation you need.

What Is A Herniated Disc Injury?

The violent impact of a serious collision can lead to a bulging, protruding or herniated disc, which results in severe pain. This is a serious injury that you need to take seriously. Your disc can end up out of alignment with your spine, which could pinch or compress your spinal nerves to the extent you experience pain in your arms or legs too. It can also cause problems with your bowel and bladder control and sexual function and can cause an overall diminished strength in your arms or legs or even paralysis.

If a herniated, protruding or bulging disc is pressing on your spinal cord, you may experience a tingling sensation in your legs, trouble using your hands and fingers, difficulty walking and a loss of balance.

Herniated, Bulging Or Protruding Disc Injury Symptoms

Someone who suffers one of these types of injuries will likely feel one or more of these symptoms:

  • Tingling sensation or numbness in the legs, feet, arm or hand
  • Pain that shoots down the length of your arm or leg
  • Swelling in the area of the back where the disc has been injured
  • Weakness in your muscles
  • Pain in the buttocks area

If you feel you've suffered a herniated disc injury due to someone else's negligence, you should:

  • Get a medical evaluation immediately
  • Call the police
  • Recollect your thoughts on what happened
  • Deny any request to provide a statement to your insurance adjuster

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