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Helping You After An Auto Crash

Many people who are seriously injured in an auto accident, or who suffer the devastating event of losing a loved one, have no idea what will happen next. There are so many legal issues that come up and so many questions to be answered, and frankly, people are unprepared for how suffering a serious injury will affect their lives and the lives of their families.

At Goldberg Noone Abraham, our lawyers have spent their entire careers helping people who are victims of a motor vehicle crash and other personal injuries that were not their fault. We also have an intricate knowledge of the insurance industry, with attorneys who have spent years as senior claims analysts at some of the country's largest auto insurance companies.

We will vigorously defend your rights and make sure you receive fair financial compensation for your injuries, future medical care and lost wages.

Why Should I Hire Goldberg Noone Abraham, To Handle My Auto Accident Case?

We have the answers to all your legal questions. Dealing with aggressive insurance claims adjusters and being bullied by intimidating insurance lawyers can be a nightmare, and you should retain the services of a law firm fully capable of leveling the playing field to make sure all of your legal rights are fully protected.

After you've been in any type of motor vehicle accident, it does not cost a penny to sit down with us to review your situation and determine if you have a case for legal action.

Our lawyers bring decades of combined experience and knowledge to every case we handle. We will help you understand your options, walk you through every step of the process and fight to get you the best compensation award possible.

Because of our long history of handling all types of auto accident cases, we have the answers you need to help put your life back together.

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We, at Goldberg Noone Abraham, are dedicated to standing up for the rights and protection of victims of negligence and to seeing justice done. We will continue to direct our combined knowledge, determination and drive to the best outcome possible for each and every one of our clients.

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Aggressively Defending the Injured

Insurers will do everything they can to keep their money when you need it the most. Do not let them have the last word. Contact our firm to talk about how we might help you with your case. To schedule your free initial consultation, call 239-461-5508 or write to us using our online form. We look forward to helping you move forward from a difficult situation.