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Personal Injury & Insurance: Tips and Advice

Dealing with a giant insurance company and their armies of lawyers can be a daunting hassle after you've been involved in any kind of motor vehicle accident. As a former senior insurance claims analyst, trial attorney Mike Noone has decades of experience in analyzing insurance claims when someone is involved in an accident.

“I was on the other side as an insurance adjuster for many years,” says Noone. “There's a reason they have so many lawyers working for them, and that's exactly why you need to strongly consider hiring a skilled team of personal injury attorneys  to aggressively represent your legal rights”.

People often make the mistake of not purchasing the proper amounts or the correct types of automobile insurance coverage. Insurance agents don't always stress the importance of buying uninsured motorist or under-insured motorist coverage when they sell car insurance. This becomes critical in the event you're hit and injured by someone who has no insurance. (In Florida, an estimated 40% of people on the road don't carry any bodily injury coverage. This can present incredible problems in the event of a serious crash.)

Attorney Noone counsels people every day about what to do – and NOT to do – after being involved in a bad car or motorcycle crash. “Never sign any papers presented by any insurance company without have a qualified personal injury attorney look at them first”, he says. “Their job – and remember, these are giant, for-profit companies – is to either deny or pay as little as possible in settling your claim. Every penny they don't pay out to adequately compensate you for your injury goes right into their pocket, and they'll do everything they possible can to pay you the absolute minimum, and to get you to go away”.

If you're contacted by an insurance company following a crash, you need to resist the urge to say too much, because the phone call will be recorded. There is a danger in saying too much in your efforts to get this mess behind you, and move on with your life. The problem is, insurance company adjusters, claims analysts and lawyers will use absolutely any tactic they can to minimize their financial exposure, and offer you a low-ball amount to settle your claim. Your best strategy is to enlist the help of a skilled personal injury trial lawyer before you agree to give any kind of written or recorded statement.

For motorcycle riders, it is absolutely critical to purchase uninsured motorist insurance protection.  

The insurance coverage laws in Florida are different for cars and motorcycles, and improper coverage can affect you for the rest of your life after a crash. If you're on your bike and hit by a car, you'll likely suffer many very serious injuries. We've also represented the families of those who have had their life taken away from them in a fatal bike crash, and those cases can be some of the most crushing experiences to go through. But, the reason we work on cases like that is because the people who were responsible for taking someone's life because of some act of negligence or carelessness need to be held accountable for their actions.

You may be forced to never hold a job again, to provide for your family and pay your bills. You will most likely have huge amounts in medical bills to pay as a result of your injuries, and you could require extensive long-term care and rehabilitation in your effort to rebuild your life. Our law firm works tirelessly to prove negligence and liability of the other parties involved, and to make sure they make every good faith effort to adequately pay you for your losses, injuries and pain and suffering.

“We're never ‘bothered' by people who call with questions, no matter how silly people may think they are”, Noone says. “We talk to people every day who just don't know what to do after being injured in a crash, and whether they end up hiring our firm or not, it's not a problem to give them the answers they deserve”.

One simple call to 239-461-5508 can be your first step in getting your life back in order, and to start the process of being fairly and legally compensated for your accident injuries.


People who hire a good attorney greatly increase the chances of winning their case. If your personal legal situation has you wondering if you need a lawyer or not, give us a call at 239-461-5508. We can sit down with you, no charge, to talk about your situation, and help you make that decision. You may decide you could use our firm on your side.


We, at The Goldberg Law Firm, are dedicated to standing up for the rights and protection of victims of negligence and to seeing justice done. We will continue to direct our combined knowledge, determination, and drive to the limits for each and every one of our clients. The results are record-breaking jury verdicts, real relationships with our clients, and legislative breakthroughs.