Motorcycle Crash: A Case Study

Goldberg Noone Abraham, often posts information regarding some of our recent personal injury cases. Our goal is to inform the public about what is involved in fighting for justice on behalf of each individual client, and the efforts that we put in to ensure a fair and reasonable financial settlement.

Case Facts: In March of 2018, our client was riding his Harley Davidson westbound on S.R. 82 in East Fort Myers. As he was approaching the gas station, a vehicle was exiting the parking lot and proceeded to make a right turn directly into our client’s path of travel, resulting in a near-fatal crash. The Fort Myers Police Department investigated and determined that the driver of the other vehicle was at fault for failing to yield the biker’s right of way. However, the driver’s insurance company tried to deny full responsibility, claiming our client was speeding and should have been able to avoid the crash.

Injuries: Our client was transported by Lee County EMS trauma alert to Lee Memorial Hospital. He was diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury and spent 7-8 days in the Intensive Care Unit. He required multiple surgeries, including a humeral surgery resulting in a rod being placed into his arm and 40 staples.

He also had Le Fort fracture, which is a trans-facial fracture of the midface, resulting in metal plates being placed into his cheeks, and his jaw was wired shut for about six weeks.

Overall, he was in the hospital for an extended period of time, and his medical bills totaled approximately $400,000.

How Goldberg Noone Abraham Went To Work For Our Client

Unfortunately, the at-fault driver only had $25,000 of bodily injury liability insurance coverage. We demanded this amount and recovered this amount in full. Thereafter, we determined our client may be entitled to an additional $50,000 of coverage under another auto insurance policy. So we filed an Underinsured Motorist claim. However, his insurance company denied his claim, claiming that he was not an insured person under their policy. Our team of attorneys obtained proof of his eligibility and fought the UM insurer until we finally obtained an additional $50,000 of insurance coverage for our client. In the end, there was only $75,000 of insurance coverage available, and we obtained every penny.

But our job didn’t end there. With his approximately $400,000 in medical bills, we fought hard to successfully negotiate the overwhelming bills down to make sure that our client, rather than the huge hospital system, recovered reasonable compensation.

Personal injury attorney and Goldberg Noone Abraham Partner Sheba Abraham was the lead attorney on this case. “When someone suffers serious injuries like in this case, the last thing he/she should be worrying about is how to pay his/her medical bills,” she says. “Even when it appears there is only limited insurance available, we will do everything we can to bring our client the peace of mind of knowing that his bills will be taken care of, so he can focus on healing and getting better.”

No Two Cases Are Ever The Same

We’ve learned in the nearly 20 years since Goldberg Noone Abraham was established how each case is completely unique, and that with perseverance and hard work, things can often turn out differently than may initially be expected. Our experience in negotiating with giant insurance companies and health care providers has proven invaluable to our clients in aggressively fighting for fair and reasonable financial compensation. Michael Noone, one of our firm’s founding partners, spent years as a senior insurance claims analyst and has an in-depth and thorough understanding of just how to stand up to fight for what you deserve, and not be intimidated by the insurance company’s tactics to try to deny paying your claim.

“A lot of law firms may have accepted the $75,000 worth of available insurance coverage on behalf of the client and walked away,” said attorney Abraham. “We’re proud we were able to go the extra mile in this case to reduce the financial burden on this young man and to do everything we could to help him get on with his life.”