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Case Results

  • $27.9 Million Jury Verdict ― Automobile Accident

    Attorneys Michael Noone and Scot Goldberg represented a young married couple in a case involving devastating injuries to one of the clients. The couple was involved in an automobile accident, which occurred when another driver ran a stop sign and crashed into their vehicle. As a result of the acc... Read On

  • $10 Million Settlement―Serious Injuries

    Due to the confidential nature of this settlement, no further details may be released at this time. Read On

  • $5.25 Million Settlement―Wrongful Death Involving a Weapon

    Due to the confidential nature of this settlement, no further details may be released at this time. Read On

  • $5 Million Jury Verdict―Wrongful Death of North Fort Myers Bicyclist

    Our client was riding his bike along the sidewalk next to Marianna Avenue in North Fort Myers, approaching the intersection of Piney Road. He stopped at the intersection, then proceeded to attempt to cross the roadway. At that time, a man driving a GMC pickup truck was driving on Marianna Avenue... Read On

  • $5 Million Jury Verdict ― Motorcyclist Wrongful Death

    A four-year battle with a large insurance defense firm ended this week with a weeklong trial. Late Friday evening, a Lee County jury returned a verdict in our client's favor. On January 9, 2014, our client's 17-year-old son was on a motorcycle and on his way from school heading to his after-scho... Read On

  • $3.75 Million Settlement―Tractor-Trailer Crash

    In November 2015, our client was driving on I-75 on his way to Arcadia. It was dark out as he made the exit at Highway 17 and came upon the stoplight about 1/2 mile off the Interstate. The traffic light was green. Sitting at the traffic light was a large tractor-trailer rig. The truck was not run... Read On

  • $3.3 Million Jury Verdict ― Motorcycle Accident Fatality

    On Friday, March 10th, 2017, we finished a week-long jury trial in the case of a 19-year-old North Fort Myers man whose life was instantly snuffed out in a horrific motorcycle crash. As in a large number of motorcycle crashes, a car attempted to make a left-hand turn directly into the motorcyclis... Read On

  • $2.5 Million Settlement―Serious Injuries

    Due to the confidential nature of this settlement, no further details may be released at this time. Read On

  • $2.3 Million Settlement ― Motorcyclist Wrongful Death

    We've often said that when you leave your house in the morning to head off for work, you never know what you may encounter while driving. With the traffic congestion and the number of careless or unfit drivers on the road, making it home safely is unfortunately not guaranteed. These are the trau... Read On

  • $980,000 Settlement

    Attorney Scot Goldberg represented a young man who was a passenger in a vehicle that was struck by a cement truck which made an illegal turn. The car caught on fire and the victim was trapped in the vehicle, sustaining third-degree burns over 40% of his body. He also suffered a brain injury from ... Read On

  • $926,000 – Settlement

    Attorney Michael Noone was involved in a case in which a woman and her mother-in-law were both seriously injured when a driver ran a stop sign, resulting in a “T-bone” type collision. The young woman suffered neck and back injuries which required four surgeries, and she was left unable to work in... Read On

  • $650,000 – Negligent Security/ Sexual Assault (Southwest Florida)

    A middle-aged woman was staying in a hotel in Fort Myers, Florida. One night, while she was sleeping, she was alerted to an assailant attempting to gain entry into her unit. After finally gaining access to the hotel unit, the assailant committed a violent sexual assault upon her. The assailant tu... Read On

  • $500,000 Settlement

    Attorneys Scot Goldberg and Michael Noone represented a young wife and mother who were passengers in a vehicle being driven by her husband when the at-fault party made a left turn directly into the path of the victim's vehicle. As a result of the crash, the woman's foot was nearly severed at the ... Read On

  • $480,000 Settlement

    Attorney Scot Goldberg handled a case in which the victim was a passenger in a vehicle that was turning left when it was struck by another vehicle, which, while traveling at an excessive rate of speed, violated the right of way of the victim and caused a major crash. The victim was admitted to th... Read On

  • $400,000 Settlement―Traumatic Brain Injury

    Red-Light Runner Crashes into Our Client: A Case Study In 2014, a woman was a passenger in the front seat of a car driven by a friend. They were in Cape Coral and were proceeding through a green light on Del Prado Boulevard. Just as they were entering the intersection, a negligent driver blew th... Read On

  • $350,000 ― Motor Vehicle Accident ― Clearwater, Florida

    In 2015, attorney Scot Goldberg received a call from a judge in Michigan. She was not calling in an official capacity, but a personal one – her father and stepmother had been involved in a car crash in St. Petersburg, and she was looking for help. The judge said she had been searching for a resp... Read On

  • $350, 000 ― Motorcyclist Hit By Loose Tire & Rim

    On April 5, 2016, at around 6:45 in the evening, a man was riding his motorcycle on I-75, heading southbound. He had a friend who was also riding his bike next to him. Suddenly, a car rim and tire came off of a car that was traveling in the northbound lanes of the interstate. The tire traveled ac... Read On

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