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Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Motorcycle Collision in Southwest Florida?

Posted by Goldberg Noone Abraham | Mar 10, 2020 | 0 Comments

The feeling of personal freedom and exhilaration bikers have when they're behind the handlebars is one reason many give for why they ride. But along with the wind in your hair comes some very serious risks, like being involved in a crash that was caused by someone who made a bad driving decision.

We read about tragic motorcycle traffic collisions almost daily, many of them involving the death of one or more riders. Some typical causes are a driver making a left turn into the right-of-way of an oncoming motorcycle, a driver rear-ending a biker that is at a stop sign or stoplight, and someone pulling out from a side street or parking lot without seeing a biker coming their way, or thinking they're father away then they really are.

The Goldberg Noone Abraham attorneys have represented many motorcyclists after they've been hurt in a crash, and sadly, some families who have lost a loved one in a bad crash. Our skilled personal injury attorneys know the critical details of what to do to ensure injured bikers are fairly compensated for their injuries, and how to help them get their live back in order. We represent motorcycle collision victims in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Immokalee, Lehigh Acres, Fort Myers, Cape Coral and throughout Southwest Florida.

Many bikers are unsure if they need to hire a personal injury lawyer after a crash. Here are some reasons why you should call one of our attorneys for a free, no obligation consultation to learn what you can do to recover financial damages for your injuries.

Putting Your Legal Case Together

Our entire team devotes countless hours researching and compiling every single detail and fact related to your crash, and determining who was at fault and should be held accountable. We investigate the circumstances of what really happened, many of which are not plainly clear immediately following the crash. There are often many previously unknown factors that we're able to discover once we begin working on your case, and that comes with experience. Standing up for the legal rights of injured bikers is what we've been doing for 20 years, and we know what to ask and what to look for.

In one case a few years ago, our attorneys were able to uncover the fact that an elderly driver had severe vision problems after years of investigation and discovery where she claimed not to have any visual impairment. Our team's tenacity in fighting to her obtain her eye doctor's records when the woman's defense attorneys claimed they were not relevant to the case is just one reason having an aggressive personal injury team on your side can be your best decision.

We often hire an outside expert in accident reconstruction to help us explain and illustrate the physics behind the crash. They will use mathematical formulas based on vehicle speed, braking reaction, trajectory of the vehicles, impact force and many other factors that help determine exactly how the crash occurred. When an opposing insurance company and their attorneys claim their client was not at fault for the biker's injuries, an accident reconstructionist can be a critical part of proving them wrong.

We also take a skilled look at all the physical evidence involved in the crash, like damages to the motorcycle and the other vehicle(s) involved, tire skid marks of all the vehicles involved, if any, where the vehicles ended up after they came to a stop and many other investigative procedures.

If you're involved in a serious motorcycle crash, these are things you would not be able to do on your own.

Knowing How to Negotiate

One of the key things a skilled attorney knows how to do well is negotiate on behalf of the best interests of their client. If you're hurt in a crash, the person who hit you and caused your injuries will have an insurance adjuster contact you in an attempt to “settle” the claim. Unfortunately, giant insurance companies are not in business to lose money, so their offer of a financial settlement will not be adequate to cover your medical expenses, in the vast majority of cases.

The insurance company wants you and your injury claim against their insured to go away, so they'll give you a low-ball offer in hopes you'll jump at it, and it will all be over with. Many people who don't speak with an injury lawyer first will take the first offer, only to realize later they don't have enough to cover the costs of their medical care to treat their injuries.

And by that time, it can be too late.

Negotiating with the adjusters and attorneys from the at fault driver's insurance carrier can be a lengthy process. As the saying goes, “the wheels of justice turn slowly.” Our law firm recognizes this, and has the capability of remaining aggressive in fighting for our clients' legal rights for fair and reasonable compensation. A motorcycle crash victim needs to focus on treating for their injuries, along with trying to move forward to get some semblance of normalcy back in their lives.

When you hire our injury law firm, your problems instantly become our problems. We'll deal with the insurance company, backing up our negotiations with facts related to your injuries. This could include the cost of future medical needs down the road, too. You may require more surgeries or extensive physical, rehabilitative or another type of therapy or treatment for years into the future, and you should not be forced to pay for that out of your own pocket. Our experienced team will fight tirelessly for as long as it takes to make sure you receive the full value of compensation to take care of your injuries.

But if All Else Fails…

At Goldberg Noone Abraham, we take on every single case as if it will end up in a court of law and presented to a jury at trial. The reality is that the vast majority of cases do not make it to trial because of successfully negotiating a fair settlement before it gets to that point.

But by approaching each individual case with the expectation that it will go to trial, our team is always fully prepared to go all the way to trial if that is what it takes. Insurance companies know this, which is a key element to settling your injury claim. Trials are costly and time consuming, and the at fault party's insurance company does not want to spend time and money defending their position of not agreeing to pay you a fair settlement. In many cases, had the insurance company entered into good-faith negotiations, they would have saved money by avoiding going to trial. But in their efforts to try to play hardball and continue presenting our clients with unreasonably low offers, they only make us more resolute in fighting for your rights by filing a lawsuit and taking them to court.

One Call is All it Takes to Learn Your Options

If you or someone you care about has been victimized by someone's careless or negligent driving decisions, one phone call to our offices at 239-461-5508 is all it takes to learn the truth about your legal options. Depending on the severity of your injuries and other factors, it may turn out that you don't really need an injury attorney after a motorcycle crash.

But until you call us, you'll never know.

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