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Top Car Accident Client Questions: What’s Up with All the Phone Calls and Letters?

Top Car Accident Client Questions: What’s Up with All the Phone Calls and Letters?

Posted by Goldberg Noone Abraham | Apr 05, 2018 | 0 Comments

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When you or someone you care about is hurt in an accident that was not their fault, you're going to be consumed with questions and uncertainty. Of course, the top priority is to seek immediate medical care for your injuries. Under current Florida PIP laws, you only have 14 days from the date of the crash to go see a medical provider to check out your injuries. If you miss that two-week window, you lose access to your $10,000 in personal injury protection, or PIP.

Many people find that after a serious crash that caused injury, dealing with the insurance companies involved can be a nightmare.  You'll be getting a lot of phone calls from claims adjusters asking a lot of very specific questions about the circumstances of the accident, your thoughts on how it happened, who you feel was at fault, and many more. For people going through the traumatic aftermath of a crash, this can be a very exasperating experience.

When you hire the Goldberg Noone Abraham law firm following a crash, you won't need to worry about any of those annoying phone calls – that's what we're here for. All of your problems become our problems, and we'll handle dealing with the insurance companies. Your primary focus should always be on getting better physically and emotionally, and properly treating and healing from your injuries.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait…

An old saying, yes, but actually very true when it comes to hiring an attorney after a crash. In a personal injury law practice, there is a distinct pattern of procedures and steps that need to be followed in order to best secure the maximum financial settlement possible on your behalf. So many people think the process takes less time than it really does, and we spend a great deal of time in the initial stages of our relationship explaining that in detail.

There are a number of reasons why these types of cases take a while.

Following a crash, one of the first calls you'll be getting will be the one that may offer you a quick settlement. They want to get this off their books, and will likely offer you a very minimal amount of money just to get you to go away. Initially, you may think this sounds like a good idea – just take the money and get it behind you. But, our experience has shown us that you will almost always have more expenses in caring for your injuries than you first anticipate. While it may be tempting to take the first offer that comes along, it is likely it won't be nearly adequate to cover your expenses after an accident.

The minute the insurance company for the other driver finds out you've hired Goldberg Noone Abraham, they will take on a decidedly different tone with you. Fortunately, you'll only need one phone call to figure that out, because when you tell them they need to speak with your attorney, you'll never have the need to speak with them again.

Our job is to follow every opportunity we have available to us in order to aggressively protect your best interests, and get you the money you're entitled to under Florida law. And these things take time.

Another reason these cases can take some time is that you'll be required to continue with your medical treatments until an authorized medical provider that's treating you indicates that you have reached maximum medical improvement, or MMI. Until we've seen what your injury treatments involve, how long they're going to last and what, if any, future medical care you may need, we can't accurately come up with a number that makes sense to settle your claim fairly. You may be seeing a chiropractor 2 or 3 times per week for a few months before they can determine whether you have reached MMI. You may be scheduled to have some type of surgical procedure because of one of your injuries, and we all know how long it takes to get onto the doctor's calendar. Following any surgery, the doctor is going to want to allow some time to pass before re-examining you to gauge the effectiveness of the procedure, and any needed follow-up care you may need.

While all of this is going on, we'll be on the job of keeping the insurance company in the loop regarding your care and treatment. We do everything in writing, and keep extremely detailed logs of all correspondence, in order to have a proper paper trail of how your case is progressing. This can become critical down the road in the event any problems or questions come up about exactly what you've done following the accident.

Imagine having to deal with the incessant number of calls from insurance adjusters while going through the hassles of getting back on your feet physically. It just makes sense, if you feel you're not being treated fairly, to hire our skilled personal injury and auto accident attorneys to take care of everything for you. We collect and log all of your medical records and bills, and monitor your recovery every step of the way – we're your voice when it comes to dealing with the insurance companies involved.

And insurance companies won't be happy about that.

Every insurance company is aware of which law firms in Southwest Florida actually like going to trial to fight for their clients' rights, and the ones they can push around. After representing accident victims for over 18 years here, we're known for our trial work, and for our reputation for not backing down when our client's needs are being ignored.

Obtaining the most appropriate financial settlement in a personal injury case is all about successful negotiations. Goldberg Noone Abraham, has been doing this long enough that we know exactly how they operate, what specific questions and tactics they'll use to get you to settle quickly, and how to successfully negotiate with them on your behalf.

Patience is a Virtue…

To be candid, we do get potential clients who come to talk with us right after a crash who may have unrealistic expectations of what they anticipate will happen. They discover one other thing we're known for, and that's telling our clients the truth. We spell out exactly what we feel will happen with their case, how long it may take and what range of financial settlement we realistically think we can reach.

Some potential clients begin to tell us that they think their case is worth a certain financial amount, or that they think it should be settled in a specific amount of time. Frankly, those are red flags for us. We don't take every case that comes to us, especially if the possible client has unrealistic expectations. It's just not a good mix, and the client will likely end up unhappy with the end result.

It is true that people who hire a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney after an accident do end up with more money in their pocket than those that do not. Many people think they can go it alone, and not have to pay an attorney a percentage of their settlement. But in real life, the additional monies that can be obtained through aggressive negotiations can more than offset any fees for your attorney, and not leave you with the feeling you've left money on the table.

Being anxious about how long your case is going to take is a natural reaction for most accident victims. Your best option is to let your attorneys do their job, while you focus on taking care of your injuries and getting your life back together.

You can always speak to one of our personal injury lawyers at no cost or obligation. Just getting accurate answers to all of your questions can be a huge weight off your shoulders, and you're never under any obligation to hire our firm. We encourage you to get the answers you need before you make any decisions that may affect your life, or the lives of your family, for years to come.

Call Goldberg Noone Abraham personal injury attorneys at 239-461-5508, or just fill out this simple form and we'll be in touch with you immediately.

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