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Here’s What to Bring to Your Free Initial Personal Injury Consultation

Posted by Goldberg Noone Abraham | Jul 11, 2017 | 0 Comments

No-Cost Legal Advice – Anytime, Anyplace.

Goldberg Noone Abraham free consultation Goldberg Noone Abraham free consultation

While it may be true that ‘there's no such thing as a free lunch', there definitely is such a thing as free legal advice.

We speak with people every day who call in or write to us via our website who just have some type of legal questions. You might be surprised at the range of topics we provide legal counsel on – everything from online harassment and cyber-stalking, landlord/tenant issues, HOA hassles, employment issues and so much more. And yes, we do receive a large number of calls from folks who have had the unfortunate circumstance of being victimized by the negligence or carelessness of someone else, resulting in a serious car, motorcycle or pedestrian accident.

Goldberg Noone Abraham attorneys are always happy to take those calls, and to talk about what legal issues you may be going through, whether we think the caller will end up hiring our law firm or not. Candidly, the vast majority of calls we receive never result in a case – and that's OK. Our attorneys are always available, and it doesn't matter what type of legal questions you may have. In the event that we're not involved in a specific area of the law, our 17 years of practicing in Southwest Florida mean we know who you should call, and we'll happily provide you with that information, too.

Information is Power – Get it Quickly

Your main goal, whether you've been involved in an accident or are involved in some other type of legal hassle, is to get answers to your questions, and get them fast. It's completely understandable that you'll have a lot of questions, and it doesn't matter whether you think they may be insignificant or not. Our goal is to ensure you walk out of here with the answers you'll need to either move forward with a resolution to your situation, or perhaps determine that you don't actually have a legal basis for filing a lawsuit against someone.

It NEVER costs a thing to arrange to sit down with one or more of our skilled trial attorneys to review the exact specifics of your situation and get to the answers you need.

Bring These Items When You First Meet with Goldberg Noone Abraham

Write Your Questions Down – After a serious car accident, your head is going to be full of questions. We find it's helpful to write down all of your questions and concerns as you think of them. We recommend you start keeping a journal or diary immediately after the crash, so you're sure you don't forget something important. Again, there's no such thing as an insignificant question – just write down your concerns so we can address them at your free initial meeting with our attorneys.

Gather Up All of Your Paperwork – As you can imagine, being in just about any legal conflict is accompanied by a blizzard of paperwork. After an accident, you'll be bombarded by so many forms, letters and demands from the insurance companies involved in the case, it will make your head spin. So many forms of correspondence sent to people who have been involved in a crash are very complicated and difficult to understand. It's critical to retain copies of all correspondence, whether it's a letter or an email, and bring it all with you to your initial consultation.

We also want you to understand that if you do end up retaining our law firm to handle your personal injury case, you won't ever have to directly deal with all that paperwork. Your problems instantly become our problems, and any and all insurance companies, investigators, adjusters, claims analysts, auto repair shops or others involved will be instructed to submit all correspondence to our office.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – If you are physically able and have the presence of mind immediately after a crash, take photos on your phone. You'll want to get photos of the accident scene, if possible, and the damages to your vehicle. You'll also want to photographically document your physical injuries, which will become extremely critical to your case down the road. The law enforcement agency that investigates the crash will provide an official accident report of the incident, but quite candidly, they are not always 100% accurate when it comes to memorializing what actually happened. Frankly, the cops don't care about your legal problems after you've been in a crash – they just want to write up their report and move on. You are the one who needs to take action at the crash scene to accurately document the situation with photos so no one can contradict you at a later date.

Our personal injury trial attorneys and highly-trained support staff and paralegals know exactly what to do and what to ask to ensure your legal rights are aggressively and fully protected. Our job is to help you obtain the maximum financial compensation possible under the law for your physical injuries, immediate and future medical care and treatment, loss of wages from being unable to work and the pain and suffering of you and your loved ones.

We'll advise you on the specific steps that need to take place if you plan on filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver and their insurance company, and walk you through each process that you can expect in the future. And perhaps more importantly, we'll let you know if we feel you do not have the basis for further legal action, too. This is important in the process for moving forward with your life, and not dwelling on something that has no legal merit.

We gladly give our legal advice away freely and openly, and encourage anyone with any kind of legal issues to pick up the phone and call our main office in Fort Myers at 239-461-5508.

In addition to the old adage about being suspect of someone who offers you a free lunch, there's another one that warns about ‘free advice being worth what you paid for it'. We're confident you won't have that feeling after speaking with us, and we're here with the answers you need, when you need them.

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