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How Much Will I Need to Pay to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Posted by Goldberg Noone Abraham | Jan 26, 2017 | 0 Comments

Goldberg Noone Abraham, Never Charges Up-Front Fees or Costs

Scot D. Goldberg personal injury attorney Scot D. Goldberg personal injury attorney

We get questions everyday about how much it costs to hire a personal injury attorney. Many people are unsure of how the process works, and who pays for the expenses involved. In the practice of personal injury law, the legal system is structured in a way that law firms like ours are compensated on a contingency basis, which means we don't make a penny unless we obtain either a financial settlement before your case goes to trial, or a financial award by the jury in a trial.

The key thing to understand is that it never costs you a thing to retain our law firm, and allow us to legally represent you and aggressively fight for your best interests.

Here's What We Do at No Cost To You

ALWAYS a Free Consultation

We're here when you need us, and it never costs a thing to speak directly with an experienced personal injury lawyer after you've been hurt in a crash. You're going to have a lot of important questions, and we are always happy to provide the answers you are looking for. Just pick up the phone and call our office at 239-461-5508.

We Pay the Costs of Investigating Your Case

Goldberg Noone Abraham, covers all of the expenses involved in researching and investigating the details of your crash circumstances. This may include obtaining all of your medical records, medical bills, police crash reports, police homicide reports if the crash involved a fatality, background checks on all of the parties responsible for your injuries, and much more.

We Pay to Hire Specialists to Work on Your Case

In many of our client's cases, there are many expert opinions and accident reconstruction specialists involved to properly document the details of your crash. We work with the most highly-regarded engineers, forensics experts, accident reconstruction technicians, private investigators and others to build our case against the at-fault driver and their insurance company. Our extensive experience in developing the optimum legal strategies to present your case is supported by the findings of all of these legal specialists, and we pay their costs if you retain our firm to represent you.

Getting Your Vehicle Repaired or Replaced

We deal with the endless hassles involved in adequately compensating you for the damage to, or loss of, your car, truck or motorcycle. In most of our serious accident cases, the vehicles are deemed a total loss, which means the other driver's insurance company needs to step up and offer you a fair settlement to replace it. If you've ever dealt with any insurance companies after an accident, you realize how difficult a process this can be. If you retain us after your crash, we will take care of all of those hassles for you, as well as correctly preserving and documenting the damage to your vehicle in the event we need to present it at trial.

Cost Should Never Be a Factor in Getting Justice

Being involved in a serious accident can turn your life upside down – it's our job to help make you and your family whole again. Your personal background and financial status don't matter – everyone has the right to be aggressively represented and have their legal rights protected through our judicial system, and cost should never present an obstacle to your access to justice. If we are not successful in obtaining a favorable financial settlement for you, you don't owe us a penny.

Reach out to us as soon as possible after a crash to get answers to your questions. We invite you to either call our main office at 239-461-5508, or simply fill out the contact form on the right side of this page. We'll contact you immediately, and begin to help.

Retaining the personal injury law firm of Goldberg Noone Abraham, means your problems instantly become our problems.

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