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Premises Liability: Your Safety is NOT Guaranteed!

Posted by Goldberg Noone Abraham | May 17, 2016 | 0 Comments

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It doesn't take a genius to see that these days, the world can be a very unsafe place. Strong-arm purse snatching at ATM machines, home and property invasions in broad daylight – so many stories making headlines about safety and security, it can make a person a little paranoid about their surroundings.

But whether you are at a hotel, shopping mall parking lot or a football stadium, there is never any guarantee that you and your family's security will be protected, or you won't be injured, or worse.

Our law firm works to help people who have suffered a serious injury caused by lack of security, or negligence by a property owner or management company that did not provide adequate security to the public. Sadly, there are far more cases of this than just what you see in the news.

Real World Scenarios

Our firm represents one of the shooting victims who was injured at Zombicon, the local outdoor zombie festival held on the streets of Downtown Fort Myers last year. A young man who was there to have a fun time ended up taking a bullet in his hand. His medical bills are extensive, and his injury may have a significant effect on his future. Did the security company hired by the event organizer, and the organizer themselves, do everything they could to keep Zombicon attendees safe? That very well could be decided by a jury trial. (To read more about the lawsuit, click here.)

Never Assume You Are Protected

Businesses are expected to do everything reasonable in their power to provide a safe environment for those who enter their premises. Yet in many cases, as a result of inadequate security, people become victims of serious violent criminal attacks, through no fault of their own.

Goldberg & Noone attorneys have seen numerous cases where there was a significant prior history of criminal activity on or near a specific property, yet nothing was done to prevent it. Certain Lee County apartment complexes have been the scene of violent crimes on numerous occasions, but their owners or managers have done little or nothing to deter the crime, or improve security efforts at the property.

If you read the local headlines or check the law enforcement call records, you can see that the same specific properties receive a large number of police calls relating to negligent security problems.

Business owners and event organizers who anticipate attendance by the public must undertake all reasonable measures to make sure their invitees are safe. They need to be held accountable for any occurrence in which someone is seriously hurt on their property, otherwise known as premises liability.

There are several ways that negligent or inadequate security can be a key factor in a personal injury lawsuit:

  • Poor or non-existent lighting in a parking lot
  • Rotted or missing handrails on stairwells or hallways
  • Unlocked, missing or damaged entry gates
  • Inadequate or non-existent security personnel
  • Damaged steps
  • Standing water from an unfixed plumbing problem
  • Non-existent or missing security access code door locks

It really doesn't matter what type of property – a violent crime or a serious accident can happen anywhere. Here are some instances where negligent or inadequate security can result in a serious personal injury:

  • The mall management knows that their parking lot lights don't go on and off as they were programmed to do, and a mall employee gets attacked on the way to her car after work.
  • The lighting at an ATM machine, which are prime targets for purse-snatchers, may be burnt out or non-existent.
  • A hotel does nothing to repair the rear door key card access panel, allowing anyone without one to get inside
  • A football stadium has not repaired the damaged handrails on their steps, which can result in a serious trip and fall injury
  • An apartment complex knows there are large holes in the property's rear fence, but does nothing to limit access to potential criminals.

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and gas stations are prime sites for attracting those with criminal intent. Many bank ATMs are located along a side wall of a building that may not have adequate lighting. Gas stations are a magnet to thugs who are looking to knock someone down and grab the wallet or purse they're holding. In most instances, the gas stations provide a secure, locked environment for their employees after a certain hour of night. But, who is providing security for the customers?

The negligent security and premises liability attorneys at Goldberg & Noone have successfully represented victims and their families who have suffered a serious, life-altering injury through no fault of their own. Criminal attacks, including sexual assault, shooting or stabbing, assault, robbery and even murder can be a result of negligent or inadequate security.

Our clients need help in their efforts to obtain a financial settlement to help pay their huge medical bills, any lost wages they may have incurred from being unable to work, and pain and suffering for their injuries. Our law firm has been fighting for victims' legal rights for a combined 80 years – we know what to do in working with law enforcement, security industry consultants and private investigators to make sure the property owners, managers and their insurance providers are held responsible for their negligence.

One simple phone call to 239-461-5508 will allow you to speak to one of our negligent security attorneys, at no cost to you. There is never any financial obligation to you unless we successfully recover a settlement or jury verdict on your behalf. If you prefer, you can fill out this simple form, and an attorney will contact you immediately.

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