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More Questions than Answers…

The shootings at ZombiCon this past weekend have raised many questions. Our Mayor, law enforcement officials, and community leaders are working diligently to catch the individual responsible for these malicious attacks.

Our law firm is working to facilitate a dialogue with those in our community who have been charged with keeping our community safe to ensure nothing like this happens again.

However, right now there are innocent victims and families who need the support of our community.  We are receiving multiple reports indicating that the ZombiCon event, organized by Pushing Daizies Inc., may have failed to meet the reasonable security standards necessary to keep its attendees safe from harm.

Goldberg, Racila, D’Alessandro & Noone is now working with some of the families affected by the shootings, and is conducting an investigation into the facts surrounding the incident. If you know of any additional details or witnessed anything relating to the security and shootings at ZombiCon, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you personally. By speaking up and taking a stand against this type of senseless violence, it is our hope that the innocent victims can find justice.