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Auto Accident Aftermath: Pieces to the Puzzle

Posted by Goldberg Noone Abraham | Aug 18, 2015 | 0 Comments

Auto Accident Reconstructionist Can Be a Critical Factor in Personal Injury Cases

Goldberg Law Firm Uses Hi-Tech Specialists to Prove Liability

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When a serious motor vehicle accident happens and one or more people suffer a serious physical injury, it's often difficult to prove who was actually at fault. What may look simple on the surface can turn into a huge undertaking to undeniably determine which driver caused the crash, and therefore should be held financially accountable for paying for your injuries, physical rehabilitation, continued medical care and lost wages if you are no longer able to work.

As personal injury attorneys in Southwest Florida with a proven track record of success in representing those injured in an accident that was no fault of their own, Goldberg, Racila, D'Alessandro & Noone knows exactly what it takes to reconstruct a serious accident. We work with a team of forensic and scientific experts to recreate exactly what happened. This information will be critical when it comes to making a claim for financial compensation against a giant insurance company, or in front of a jury if the case goes to trial.

Some law firms do not have the technical knowledge, practical experience or financial resources to bring in and work with leading accident reconstructionists in a serious accident case. Our law firm works with nationally-acclaimed specialists in a number of fields in order to unequivocally determine who was at fault in the crash. A skilled accident reconstructionist can pinpoint things like exact speed of a vehicle, specific angle of impact, when the vehicle first applied it's brakes, if at all, whether the car's headlights were on and a host of other vital details that will show causation and liability in your accident case.

The Unseen Science Behind Every Accident

In some accident cases, it's fairly simple to determine what happened. If there are no serious injuries as a result of the crash and the police are able to clearly determine who was at fault, that drive will face potential traffic or criminal charges. But in so many tragic accidents resulting in traumatic bodily injury or even death, the waters become very murky, and you'll need an experienced personal injury law firm and their team of scientific and forensic accident reconstructionsist to prove your case against the at-fault driver or drivers. Every accident is uniquely different, and so many factors come into play in determining fault.

Motorcycle Accidents: We work with certified and highly-skilled motorcycle crash experts who are able to use technology, advanced specialized computer software and scientific calculations to determine what exactly happened in motorcycle crash cases. Almost all motorcycles now come equipped with on-board computers which track everything from engine RPM, distance travelled after the brakes were applied, and myriad other statistics and measurements that can help determine what the motorcycle was doing at the time of impact.

Large Commercial Truck Accidents: A large semi tractor-trailer truck or a big bus can cause considerably more devastation when it collides with another motor vehicle. The sheer weight of the vehicle means it will need a longer stopping distance, and they are also known to be top heavy, resulting in the truck or bus turning over on one side in a crash. When a large truck or bus is carrying a full payload, the physical force of any impact is increased greatly, and the physics and science of what happened in the crash takes a seasoned expert to figure out.

Cars and EDRs

Almost all current or late-model cars come equipped with an on-board EDR, or Electronic Data Recorder. Much like the “black box” device that is referred to in airplane crashes, a car's EDR and the information it records can be crucial in determining who caused a crash.

Often, the testimony of the driver of a vehicle or that of a witness to the crash can be refuted through the analysis of the EDR data on the vehicle. In providing a statement to the police officer doing the accident report or an insurance company a day or more after the fact, a driver may state that they “were going about 20 miles per hour in the inside lane when the other guy pulled out of a side street and hit me”. In many cases, the indisputable, hard evidence found in the car's EDR can refute some or all of that type of statement.

Through the thorough analysis and examination of the EDR data, along with precise measurements and scientific distance-versus-time calculations, our expert accident reconstructionists may in fact show the subject vehicle was going faster or slower than the driver said, and therefore could not have been in the specified position on the roadway at the time of impact.

No Stone Unturned

When you retain Goldberg, Racila, D'Alessandro & Noone personal injury law firm, you can rest assured that our attorneys, together with the scientific forensic expertise of our accident reconstructionists, will stop at nothing to determine the at-fault party's liability. The well-known, large insurance companies know this – which will be a powerful benefit to you in preparing your claim for financial compensation. The most advanced computer animation, accident diagrams created with pinpoint accuracy and the years of experience of our car accident attorneys and accident reconstructionists all work together to ensure your full legal rights are aggressively protected, and that you obtain a favorable financial settlement for your injuries and loss.

Call for Help Right Away after an Accident…

A serious crash will turn your world upside down. Waiting too long after a crash can only make things worse, and seriously delay your progress in putting your life back together. One phone call will get you the answers you need, without any cost to you. Our personal injury attorneys are always available to meet with you after a crash, even in the hospital or your home, to talk about your case, and determine if we may be able to help. And, you don't pay us any money up front – we earn our fees or costs only if we are successful on your behalf.

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