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Bad Ass Bikers Need Bad Ass Lawyers

Posted by Goldberg Noone Abraham | Nov 13, 2014 | 0 Comments

Fort Myers Motorcycle Crash Attorneys of Goldberg Law Have Helped Thousands of Injured Victims

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The wind in your hair, the bugs in your teeth – Florida motorcycle riders love the freedom they feel behind the handlebars, and the sun-filled climate here makes us the number 2 state in the country for motorcycle registrations, second to California.

As of 2012, there were almost 620,000 bikes registered in Florida, and that number is on the rise. With so many bikes on the road, especially with the huge seasonal influx of drivers here during the winter season, it comes as little surprise that the risk of being involved in a bike vs. car crash is an ever-present problem.

Goldberg, Racila, D'Alessandro & Noone personal injury attorneys have a long and respected history of doing battle for bikers who have been seriously injured through no fault of their own. We have represented thousands of individual bikers and their families in personal injury cases over the years, and we have become known as lawyers who are not afraid to go to trial. Huge insurance companies staffed with countless lawyers and adjusters whose job it is to deny your accident claim or pay out as little as possible to you and your family, now fully understand that we are going to aggressively fight for your legal rights under the law, and for the financial compensation to which you are entitled.

Essentially, our feeling is this: bad ass bikers need bad ass lawyers.

Our record of success dealing with these insurance behemoths has led to our positive reputation among bikers, and we are proud of that. Chances are you probably know someone who we have represented in a bike accident lawsuit. In our business, reputation is everything, and we are proud to have so many positive testimonials from bikers we have helped, and will never lose our passion for standing up for the rights of motorcycle riders. Just ask some of your riding buddies if they're familiar with our firm.

Many law firms call themselves the biker lawyer, and that's fine. Bikers are brothers and sisters, and any attorney who rides certainly has our respect. In the interest of full disclosure, I sold my Harley-Davidson recently in order to devote more recreational time fishing on my boat with my family and friends. But I'm still a Lifetime Member of the Gator Alley Chapter of ABATE, and remember all too well how scary it can be cruising around Southwest Florida on a bike. It only takes a split second for a snowbird to not see you, pull out in front of you and completely change your life forever.

That's where we step in.

Because of our past experience helping injured bikers, we receive a lot of referrals of bikers who have been involved in a serious crash. When we do right by our clients, ensuring their medical needs, financial needs caused by being unable to make a living, and any possible future medical care are vigorously defended, people tell their friends. Let's face it – people don't wake up in the morning with the intent of shopping around to find a good personal injury attorney. It's not until a life-altering, traumatic experience like a bike crash that our clients realize they need help, and they need it quickly.

When it comes to representing injured bikers, or even their loved ones left behind in the tragic event of a fatality, we are proud of our ‘been there, done that' reputation. Everyone knows we will fully and aggressively go up against anyone, and we're not afraid to go to trial. This type of tenacious legal representation is key to a successful personal injury lawsuit, and the reason behind our record of successful case results. Our passion for justice on behalf of our biker clients is as strong as their love of the sport, and always will be.

You'll regularly see us at bike shows, bike nights and other biker events – like the March of Dimes Bikers for Babies event this weekend, November 14-16 at the new Six Bends Harley-Davidson in Fort Myers. We enjoy meeting so many great people. Inevitably, someone will ask us about a specific crash situation that involves a fellow rider. My business card has my personal cell number on it for a reason – I am a little obsessed about getting back to people immediately, and I take phone calls all the time, day or night, weekends, whenever. Our clients obviously didn't foresee that Buick from Buffalo abruptly cutting them off on US 41, so when it happens, I understand that they need some legal help quickly.

We don't wear leathers to the office, but our tenacity in the legal world has shown the people we go up against that we are bad ass lawyers when it comes to full-throttle, aggressive personal representation on behalf of our clients.

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