On October 7, 2014, Suzuki Motors of America, Inc., announced a new recall of nearly 23,073 motorcycles, which involves these two popular models:

GSX-R1000 (Model years 2009-2014)

GSX-R750 (Model years 2011-2014)

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The problem stems from the process of upshifting, in that if the rider misses a gear, the strain applied to the drive chain after the next shift may cause movement in the rear axle, damaging the left-side chain adjuster.

This action may cause the drive chain to pop off the rear wheel sprocket, resulting in a total loss of power. This may greatly increase the risk of a serious bike crash.

Suzuki will be notifying the affected bike owners, advising them to return their bikes to the dealer for replacement of the left-side chain adjuster with an improved part. If you own one of the above models, you can contact the company directly at 714-572-1490. The numbers associated with this recall are 2A40, 2A41, 2A42 and 2A43.

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