Goldberg Law Attorneys Speak at Schools, Civic Groups and Medical Organizations

When it comes to real-life answers to complex legal questions, local southwest Florida media outlets and countless civic organizations look to the attorneys at Goldberg, Racila, D’Alessandro & Noone for up-to-date, accurate information.

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We have lawyers available to speak at your group’s next meeting in an informal, conversational format to help you learn more about a number of topics related to today’s laws, and how they affect you. We enjoy getting out into our community to speak with a number of local organizations:

Schools – High School and University legal studies and paralegal classes
Doctors / Medical Groups – Personal injury law, PIP insurance and patient treatments, Emergency Medical Conditions, and more.
Civic Groups – What happens if you are hurt in a crash, and who pays for your medical care?
Condominium Associations – How to protect your association from personal injury lawsuits
Motorcycle Owners Groups / Riders Groups – Bike safety, helmet use and what to do if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash
Business Owners– Q&A about protecting yourself from personal injury liability on your commercial property
Chambers of Commerce – What to expect if you are ever involved in a personal injury lawsuit or trial

If you’re looking for a guest speaker at an upcoming school class, business function, civic meeting or event, just call Kelly Madden at Goldberg Law, 239-461-5508, or email the details to [email protected]. We also invite you to learn much more about our attorneys and our firm’s services at

We’re your source for timely information on real-life legal issues facing our local residents, and we’re ready to provide an attorney speaker to help you stay informed on today’s laws and legislation.