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As motorcycle accident lawyers, we post about bike crashes and helmet laws all the time. It’s no secret that we support the idea of wearing a helmet when you ride, mainly because we’ve seen the personal devastation that can come from riding without a lid.

And we also understand that some riders make the personal choice to not wear a helmet, and based on Florida’s current law, that’s cool, too – provided you are over 21 years old and carry the correct type of insurance coverage.

But because we are lawyers, we will point out the facts, which are that wearing a helmet saves lives.

We have worked with many people who have been seriously injured in a motorcycle crash. In fact, we currently represent a very well-known and respected local woman who was hurt just recently here in Southwest Florida. She rides a very cool custom trike, and was hurt when someone on an ATV darted out in front of her unexpectedly and knocked her off her bike. Thankfully, she was wearing a helmet, like always, or her injuries could have been far worse.

As it was, she required extensive surgical procedures, and was in the hospital for an extended period. She is back home now, recuperating, but still has a long way to go.

And a few years back we helped her husband, also hurt in a bike crash.

The point is it can happen to anyone, anytime, through no fault of their own. Our feeling is if you could significantly reduce your chances of serious head and brain injury by wearing a helmet, why wouldn’t you? We’ve posted here before about reasons riders give for not wearing a brain bucket, and we’ve heard them all before. And riding is largely about personal freedom, so many riders choose to go without as their personal choice.

The information on this flyer is not written by our law firm – it comes from Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, and they cite the original sources of these statistics at the bottom. We just think it’s important to know the facts about wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Check out the Top 7 Reasons Every State Should Pass an All-Rider Motorcycle Helmet Law. Maybe someday you’ll think differently about feeling the wind in your hair.

Photo Credit: driver Photographer via: imager.io, cc