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People often poke fun at Florida drivers, and the crazy things you see on roads and highways in the Sunshine State. On Wednesday, June 12th, Florida Governor Rock Scott signed what is known as the “highway safety bill”, officially called HB 7125. The new laws contained in the bill are wide-ranging, and many of them will directly affect your travels while driving.

The bill contains new laws, as well as language alterations to existing laws, that will definitely have an impact on those getting around Florida on the road.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

Regarding what is being referred to by some as the “road rage” law, HB 7125 includes a new law “requiring drivers to yield the left lane to overtaking vehicles when traveling 10 mph slower than the posted speed”. This same law was once vetoed by former Governor Jeb Bush, who felt it would “have an adverse impact on tourists visiting Florida”.

We’ve all heard stories about reckless wrecker drivers who prey on those stranded on a Florida road, desperate for help. Some have been cited for notorious and illegal tactics, preying on their victims like a vulture on roadkill. A new law contained in HB 7125 “requires wreckers (operators) to disclose, in writing and prior to towing a vehicle, his or her full name and driver license number, the maximum charges for towing and storage and whether the wrecker carries liability insurance of $300,000 and on-hook insurance of $50,000”.

And yet another provision in HB 7125 concerns the often controversial red light cameras that some Florida cities and municipalities have installed in an effort to curb red light runners – or, fill the coffers of a city’s traffic fine department, depending on who you listen to. Among other provisions, the new law “revises procedures related to red light camera enforcement. The bill provides a 60-day period in which a person must pay the fine, identify another driver was in control of the vehicle, or request a hearing before a local hearing officer. Enforcement of right-turn-on-red violations is restricted”.

So, if you spend a lot of time behind the wheel in Florida, you can bet there will be some portions of HB7125 that will have an impact on your travels. And believe me, as a motor vehicle accident attorney, I can assure you there is never a shortage of inattentive and dangerous drivers out there at any given time.

For a complete look at the new laws in HB 7125, you can download the entire PDF document on our website: click here.

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