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Big Day in Tallahassee – 160 New Laws Take Effect Today

Posted by Goldberg Noone Abraham | Jun 30, 2013 | 0 Comments

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Many people have heard about some of the new laws recently signed by Governor Scott that are taking effect today, including many regarding traffic and highway safety. But most don't know the full extent and wide array of topics that are affected by the 160 new laws that take effect today.

I've posted previously about one of the more well-known laws, sometimes called the “road rage” law, but technically known as HB 7125. This new law “requires drivers to yield the left lane to overtaking vehicles when traveling 10 mph slower than the posted speed”. (This same law was once vetoed by former Governor Jeb Bush, who felt it would “have an adverse impact on tourists visiting Florida”).

But that's just one of the new laws – here's an overview of just a few of the other laws that will become effective today:

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  • Sure to raise controversy is a new law (HB 353) requiring welfare recipients to submit to drug testing, at their own expense, in order to start or retain their benefits. They will get reimbursed if they pass, but if they fail, they are ineligible for any benefits for one year, and may face child abuse charges if they have kids.

  • A new law (HB 7095) designed to crack down on the proliferation of “pill mills”, and the people that operate them

  • HB 1039 bans the sale of the new, trendy designer drug MDPV, more commonly referred to as “bath salts”

  • HB411 will exempt photos, video and audio recordings of deaths found within Florida's public records law

  • And in what will hopefully be met with a rousing round of applause, SB 228 will “prohibit students from wearing droopy drawers, and requires school districts to pass dress codes that prohibit students from wearing revealing clothing or clothing that may be considered disruptive”.

Our Governor and Florida's legislature has been very active lately. With so many new laws taking effect, you can be sure that many of them will impact the way you live, drive and many other facets of your life, and each individual's legal rights.

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