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People seem to have many misconceptions about what I do for a living. Until you or a loved one has had your life upended by a serious accident that left you injured, you may not fully realize exactly what a personal injury lawyer does.

Motor vehicle accidents happen every day. People also suffer life-altering injuries in all types of work situations, from construction accidents to falling down a flight of stairs at the office. And in many cases, their injury was caused through no fault of their own, but because of someone else’s negligence, carelessness or recklessness. That’s when the questions begin.

My partners and I have been helping people with questions for a long time. It’s only natural to be confused and overwhelmed when you’ve been in an accident, and even more frustrating when it was caused by someone else. Our years of experience in helping people through these traumatic situations have provided us with the ability to confidently address your questions, and guide you through the maze of legal, medical and financial issues you will be facing.

One of the most satisfying parts of my job is my first meeting with my clients. I can see the pain in their faces as they ask me what they should do next, and I do everything in my power to assure them that I’m here to help. In many cases, they may not actually have a legal case – there may be circumstances that come to light to illustrate they may have no financial recourse for compensation. But it doesn’t cost a thing for them to come to my office, or ask me out to their home, to talk about their situation. Only then can we determine how I can help.

The rules of the Florida Bar won’t allow me to tell you here about the many people who I’ve worked with, or the results of their case. But when I sit down with a person for the first time, I can tell them about many people, like themselves, who are happy they called me. The rewards of my job are in the thanks I get for helping people through such a difficult time in their lives.

We do have a few client testimonials on our website, which you are invited to review, after clicking on the required legal disclaimer. These are from real people, with real problems, and I am honored to have been their attorney.

Call me at 239-461-5508 or email me at [email protected] to talk about your personal situation, anytime. Sometimes, help is closer than you think.