National Survey Finds Drivers Seldom Do as They Say…

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety performed a survey entitled Traffic Safety Culture in September 2012, and found a number of new statistics relating to how American drivers feel about traffic safety. Unfortunately, these same respondents often contradicted their answers by admitting to engaging in the exact unsafe driving practices outlined in the survey questions. The survey’s findings are illuminating, and remind us all about the tragic consequences of being involved in a life-altering car, motorcycle or truck accident.

Fort Myers automobile accident injury attorney Scot D. Goldberg points out that this is the fifth year the survey has been conducted, and the overall findings indicate that while the vast majority of Americans place a high value on being able to safely travel our country’s roads, they often fail to follow the same safety laws and common sense advice which are in place to keep them safe. Here are some of the findings of the survey:

1). FAR-REACHING CONSEQUENCES – Almost one in three drivers in this country has had a friend or relative who was seriously injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident, and more than one in five drivers have been involved in a serious crash themselves.

2). DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE – Drivers surveyed said they see drinking and driving as a “very serious threat”, and strongly disapprove. Yet, 14% of respondents admitted to getting behind the wheel when “they thought their alcohol consumption may have put them close to or possibly even over the legal limit” within the preceding 12 months.

3). PAY ATTENTION – Distracted driving, unfortunately, is another widespread occurrence where respondents’ answers did not match their actual habits. There is a huge social disapproval of using a cell phone while driving, but once again this is a case of most drivers not practicing what they preach. Over 66% of surveyed drivers admit to using their cell phones while driving “fairly often or regularly”.

4). SPEED KILLS – More than 50% of drivers responding to the survey admit to driving more than 15 mph above the speed limit within the past 30 days. More surprisingly, one in four respondents said they consider it acceptable to do so.

5). RED LIGHT RUNNERS – While most drivers in the survey found it unacceptable to pass through a stop light that had just turned red, almost 38% of them admitted to doing so within the last 30 days.

6). ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL – The vast majority of drivers surveyed viewed drowsy driving as a serious threat to their safety, and completely unacceptable. But once again, nearly 1 in 3 admit to having gotten behind the wheel when “they were so tired they had trouble keeping their eyes open” within the past 30 days.

7). BUCKLE UP – Most drivers said it was unacceptable to drive without wearing a seatbelt, and more than three in four respondents said they would never do that. However, one in four admit to having done exactly that within the last 30 days.

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