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About Our Firm

Aggressive Legal Representation, Unmatched Personal Attention.

Since we opened our doors for business on July 1, 2000, our passion has been providing dedicated, personalized legal representation to people in Fort Myers, and throughout Southwest Florida. Our attorneys fight for your legal rights in several areas of law, including cases of personal injury, wrongful death, slip & fall accidents, negligent security, and criminal defense.

Backed by a legal legacy of successful resolutions and favorable verdicts for our clients, we provide all of our clients more than 80 years of combined experience in skilled negotiation and legal knowledge.  To us, you are not a transaction, you're a person who needs some help. At Goldberg Noone, real relationships are developed, your legal rights are aggressively defended, and justice is served.

We work tirelessly to make sure all of your needs are met in our efforts to help you through a traumatic and difficult time, and we continue to set the standard of excellence in our pursuit of justice on your behalf.

We're Here When You Need Us - Southwest Florida Injury and Car Accident Attorneys

 We understand that when you wake up in the morning, you never know what may happen to you when you head out to work, go shopping or hit the beach. With the soaring number of fatal crashes here in Lee County, Florida – 108 in 2016 alone – there's just no way to predict when some thoughtless or distracted driver is going to slam into your car. We want you to know that should that unfortunate situation happen to you or a family member, we're here to help. You can speak directly with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers immediately, and at no cost, to talk about your situation and decide if we can help.

Car and Motorcycle Accidents Can Happen to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

We have successfully represented crash victims from all walks of life. Bad driving decisions can adversely affect anyone, no matter if you happen to be wealthy or not. Goldberg Noone personal injury law firm never charges a fee to any of our clients unless we are successful in obtaining a financial settlement for your injuries. We understand what a traumatic experience our clients are going through, and we compassionately and thoroughly help them deal with the devastating aftermath of a serious motor vehicle crash. We aggressively fight to protect the rights of business professionals, students, blue collar workers and people who may be just visiting the area for vacation.

Another driver who is distracted, speeding, driving aggressively or just plain driving like an idiot can impact the lives of anyone, without warning. Our clients know that they can count on us to be with them every step of the way through the nasty process of dealing with obnoxious insurance companies and their teams of lawyers to make sure you are rightfully compensated for your injuries, property damage, lost wages and inability to make a living to support your family.

We accept and prepare for every single accident injury case as if it were going to trial. We don't know how a case will play out when you hire our firm, but we don't leave anything to chance. Only through our tireless discovery and preparation can we be certain we are ready to win your fight for justice, and do everything within our power to force the other side to provide with fair and legal financial compensation following a serious crash. You're going to have a lot of questions, and we can provide the answers. And, it's critical to remember to act quickly – there are limitations in Florida law stating that if you are going to take legal action against someone for causing a crash, you need to do it with a very specific time frame. Do not wait – a simple phone call can be the beginning of getting your life back together.

We Counsel and Educate Our Clients

The aftermath of being in an accident can make you feel totally overwhelmed and confused. Our job is to spell out exactly what your legal options are, and completely explain in easy-to-understand terms what specifically will and won't happen regarding your case. No two cases are ever the same, but through our extensive history of successfully representing injured crash victims, we have learned how to navigate through the never ending sea of paperwork and legal hurdles the at-fault driver's insurance company and attorneys will put in your way.

We don't accept every case. Frankly, not all accidents result in serious injuries, and there is a chance you do not have resulting injuries that are serious enough to warrant a case for financial compensation. We are always straight up with all of our potential clients in counseling them on what we believe would be in their best interests, and we won't fill you with a lot of false hope in the event we don't feel we can be of service. If you do end up retaining the services of Goldberg Noone, LLC, we'll work side-by-side with you from day one to make sure you are always kept fully up to speed regarding your case, and to provide fast, accurate answers to all of your questions. The last thing you need after a crash is some lawyer filling your head with bad or misleading information, or promising to get back with you and then not returning your calls. We pride ourselves on our quick response to your needs, and our entire team works diligently to ensure you are always completely informed about the status of your case.

What We Do for Every Client

Many of our clients don't fully understand what we do when they hire our law firm. There are several things that most folks just didn't know, because they've never had the unfortunate experience of being victimized by some negligent act, causing an accident that was absolutely no fault of their own. Here are some of the ways we go to work for you:

  • Never a charge for an initial consultation, whether you hire us or not. We know you have questions, and we're here with the answers.
  • No charging any up-front fees
  • We'll meet with you anywhere, anytime. We understand that you may not be physically able to travel, so we'll come to you, no matter where you are in Florida.
  • We don't get paid unless we are successful on your behalf, and obtain a settlement through our successful negotiations with the other driver's insurance company, or by going all the way to a jury trial.
  • Work with local medical providers to obtain all of your pertinent medical records
  • Work with area law enforcement agencies to gather every piece of evidence in your case, like traffic crash reports
  • Interview and conduct video depositions of any and all witnesses to the crash to ensure the facts are presented accurately
  • Work with area medical providers to track and financially handle your costs for treatment of your crash injuries.
  • Provide ongoing knowledge and assistance in completing any necessary paperwork, forms and correspondence with the other side's insurance companies
  • Speak directly with the attorneys and adjusters from the opposing side's insurance company. When you hire us, your problems instantly become our problems. You'll have the peace of mind to continue to become better physically while we deal with the hassles of getting you the money you're entitled to.

Bigger is NOT Always Better

When you or someone you care about is hurt in an accident, you need a dedicated, responsive and local attorney in your corner. Just because you see hundreds of television ads for law firms doesn't mean they'll be the proper fit for your needs. In fact, so many law firms you may see on television are not even based here – they just rent some small office space or get a post office box here so that people think they're local. Are there very well-respected law firms based here in Lee County? Of course there are, and Goldberg Noone enjoys a professional working relationship with them all. But, we caution you to not make an important decision like hiring a personal injury attorney because they're the ones you see so much on television.

Learn More About How We Can Help

You're reading this website because you have questions about being involved in some type of accident. Whether you were driving a car, truck, motorcycle or riding your bike or even just walking, we represent victims like you who were seriously hurt through no fault of their own, we invite you to read more about our specific practice areas here. You can also complete the simple contact form to the right side of this page, and one of our experienced personal injury attorneys will contact you immediately.


People who hire a good attorney greatly increase the chances of winning their case. If your personal legal situation has you wondering if you need a lawyer or not, give us a call at 239-461-5508. We can sit down with you, no charge, to talk about your situation, and help you make that decision. You may decide you could use our firm on your side.


We, at The Goldberg Law Firm, are dedicated to standing up for the rights and protection of victims of negligence and to seeing justice done. We will continue to direct our combined knowledge, determination, and drive to the limits for each and every one of our clients. The results are record-breaking jury verdicts, real relationships with our clients, and legislative breakthroughs.