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Doe vs. ABC Hotel

A middle-aged woman was staying in a hotel in Fort Myers, Florida. One night, while she was sleeping, she was alerted to an assailant attempting to gain entry into her unit. After finally gaining access to the hotel unit, the assailant committed a violent sexual assault upon her. The assailant turned out to be another guest in the hotel who had an extensive violent criminal history. The plaintiff and other guests had previously notified the hotel of the assailant’s disturbing behavior, however, the hotel took no steps to remove this guest from their premises. After the lawsuit was filed, the defendants argued that the sexual assault was not reasonably preventable and even accused the plaintiff of contributing to the assailant’s interest in her. Our litigation team interviewed several witnesses, including other guests and prior security personnel. Each witness confirmed that the hotel had knowledge of the assailant’s dangerous behavior and nonetheless risked the safety of its guests by allowing the dangerous individual to stay on the premises. The case was set for trial and settled shortly before in the amount of $650,000.00.