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Case Results

$3.75 Million Settlement―Tractor-Trailer Crash

In November 2015, our client was driving on I-75 on his way to Arcadia. It was dark out as he made the exit at Highway 17 and came upon the stoplight about 1/2 mile off the Interstate. The traffic light was green. Sitting at the traffic light was a large tractor-trailer rig. The truck was not running, had no tail lights or brake lights, no running lights, and no safety cones or emergency flares were in place. Our client crashed into the back of the rig. He suffered a severely burned foot, a large gash on his hand, torn knee cap, internal bleeding and a fractured hip. He also required removal of his spleen and part of his small intestine, and his face had glass embedded in it. He went through multiple surgeries in his effort to begin to put his life back together. Almost three years later, we were successful in fighting for a judgment of $3,750,000 on behalf of our client. Personal injury lawsuits can be extremely complicated and can take a great deal of time to bring to a successful conclusion. The attorneys at Goldberg Noone Abraham are gratified to have been able to help our client receive justice for his serious injuries and the financial compensation he deserved.

Aggressively Defending the Injured

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