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$27,953,357 Jury Verdict

Attorneys Michael Noone and Scot Goldberg represented a young married couple in a case involving devastating injuries to one of the clients. The couple was involved in an automobile accident, which occurred when another driver ran a stop sign and crashed into their vehicle. As a result of the accident, the husband was rendered a quadriplegic.

Prior to the trial, in this case, the highest offer by the defense was $1 Million. At the end of the three-day trial, the jury returned with a verdict of just under $28 Million.

The clients were quoted in the local media as saying, “I think I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to this team”, and “I would say that justice has been done”.

The verdict is believed to be the highest in Lee County history in a case in which a defense was presented on behalf of the at-fault party.